Get fitter

Do you want to be healthier and feel fitter? The way to improve health and wellbeing could be just one step away – and it is fun. Dancing, particularly Scottish Country Dancing, is one of the best forms of activity for keeping the body and mind active and alert.

Reduce your stress levels

It is known that regular exercise increases the levels of chemicals in the brain, which improves mood and so can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. it can increase confidence and general happiness.

Boost your social life

Scottish Country Dancing is a very sociable activity with a great sense of enjoyment. It is an activity suitable for all ages and levels of ability and fitness. Also, it is an ideal way of meeting people and making new friends.

General Information

You don’t need to be Scottish to enjoy Scottish Country Dancing and it is suitable for all ages.  Dancers visiting the Harrogate area are most welcome to join us on a Monday evening